Catchment Walkovers

The transport of pollutants and sediment from the land into freshwater environments through diffuse and point sources, is a major issue facing many UK catchments threatening water quality and aquatic ecology.


RiverWood Ecology offers catchment walkover services to identify both pollution and fine sediment sources within a catchment. Sources are graded depending on their determined impact severity and then mapped through GIS. Identified sources can then be prioritised for further wet-weather sampling. Catchment walkovers can also incorporate other ecological habitat assessment survey methods including, River Habitat Survey (RHS) and River Corridor Survey (RCS), to help describe physical fluvial features.


The impact of identified pollutant and sediment sources within a catchment can be monitored during wet-weather events using a combination of in-situ physico-chemical and water quality sampling. Full catchment walkover reports with detailed water quality data and mapped sources are available, supported by mitigation and remediation advice.

  • Pollution and Sediment Source Identification.
  • Source Grading and Mapping.
  • Bespoke Surveys.
  • Multi-Functional and Catchment Based Approach.
  • Wet-Weather Sampling.