Effluents and Discharge Monitoring

Discharge consents under Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) stipulate limits for a number of water quality parameters for business, utilities and manufacturing companies and dictate that monitoring is undertaken to ensure that these limits are not breached and receiving watercourses are protected.


RiverWood Ecology Ltd. offers a range of water quality monitoring and sampling services in both lotic and lentic environments. We use calibrated YSI and Hanna Meters to monitor a range of physico-chemical parameters including, but not limited to, dissolved oxygen, temperature, alkalinity, conductivity, pH levels and nutrient levels. Through are specialist partners we can also install automated and telemetry based monitoring systems, for long-term and accurate compliance data is gathered.


It is important that water monitoring reports are easy to read and interpretable by a wide range of audiences, as evidence collected may be relied upon in court cases. We ensure that our reports offer a Non-Technical Summary and provide advice on long-term remediation and are acceptable for regulatory authorities.

  • Use of UKAS Accredited Laboratories.
  • Wide Experience Range.
  • In-Situ Monitoring.
  • Water Quality Sampling.
  • WFD Monitoring.