RiverWood Ecology Ltd., in collaboration with our specialist partners, is able to offer clients a wide range of fisheries assessment options, from population analysis to rapid response call-out services in the event of pollution incidents.


RiverWood Ecology Ltd. has in-depth knowledge of the legislative and policy frameworks associated with the fisheries and angling industries in the UK. We can assess anthropogenic impacts on freshwater fish populations, in addition to the impact of fish cultivation on receiving environments. For fish stock assessment we utilise the most up-to-date techniques including electric fishing, seine netting and fyke netting. All surveys are undertaken by trained and accredited operatives, where regulator protocols and Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to at all times.

Call-out Service

Freshwater fish are sensitive to fluctuations in the physico-chemical water quality of their environment, therefore pollution incidents can often have a devastating impact on fish stocks. Through our partners we offer a fish rescue and recovery service, to mitigate long-lasting damage on fish stocks. To prevent further deterioration and fish death, we offer aeration and hydrogen peroxide dosing.

Habitat Creation

Our fisheries habitat creation services cover salmonid and coarse fish, which are supported by strong survey design and monitoring.

  • Fish Rescues
  • Aeration (24/7 response) & Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Aquatic Macrophyte Control & Arboriculture
  • Siltex
  • Habitat Creation and Management
  • Floating Islands
  • Fish Health Checks