Emergent and submerged macrophytes provide cover, food and substrate for fish and aquatic macroinvertebrates. Macrophytes respond to a diverse range of environmental factors, where the type, depth, density and diversity present are good indicators of waterbody quality.

Sampling and Identification

Macrophytes are relatively simple to sample and bespoke surveys can be conducted from the bank, in-water by boat or by snorkel survey. We offer specialist surveys including Water Framework Directive (WFD) monitoring, Condition Standard Monitoring (CSM) of sensitive and designated sites (SSSI/SPA/SAC/RAMSAR), River Macrophyte Nutrient Index (RMNI), Mean Trophic Rank (MTR), LEAFPACS2 and DARLEQ2.

We offer identification services for emergent, submergent, riparian vascular macrophytes and bryophytes.

Our surveyors are accredited via the FBA’s external contractor Macrophyte Accreditation Scheme (Alconbury Environmental Consultants).

  • WFD Assessments.
  • CSM Monitoring.
  • River, lake and pond Surveys.
  • Vascular Plants.
  • Bryophytes.