Pollution Response

Watercourses are subjected to an increasing number of environmental pressures and despite stringent discharge permitting requirements, pollution incidents are unfortunate and often unforeseen occurrences. The long-term health of the aquatic environment and business operations can be protected through the careful monitoring of impacts and installation of remedial measures.

RiverWood Ecology has a wealth of experience in conducting pollution investigations throughout the UK, responding to utility breaches, oil and diesel spills and chemical ingress into the aquatic environment.


Our initial call-out services include rapid overall impact assessment, using in-situ physico-chemical water quality and aquatic macroinvertebrate monitoring, in addition to checking for signs of fish kills or, fish in distress. Once we have assessed the extent and impact of the pollution, we can offer water quality sampling, advice on fish carcass removal, hydrogen peroxide dosing and long-term mitigation and clean-up.

Reporting and Advice

It is important that pollution investigation reports are easy to read and interpretable by a wide range of audiences, as evidence collected may be relied upon in court cases. We ensure that our reports offer a Non-Technical Summary and provide advice on long-term remediation and post-pollution monitoring.

  • Rapid Response.
  • Water Quality Monitoring.
  • Macroinvertebrate Bankside Assessments.
  • Short and Long-Term Monitoring.
  • Expert Mitigation Advice.