Water Quality

Even small anthropogenic influences can cause far-reaching and impactful consequences on the water quality of rivers, lakes, ponds and estuaries. It is imperative to correctly monitor the quality of these aquatic environments, in order for improvements to be made and baseline data gathered.


RiverWood Ecology Ltd. offers a range of water quality monitoring and sampling services in both lotic and lentic environments, for . We use calibrated YSI and Hanna Meters to monitor a range of physico-chemical parameters including, but not limited to, dissolved oxygen, temperature, alkalinity, conductivity, pH levels and nutrient levels. Through are specialist partners we can also install automated and telemetry based monitoring systems, for long-term and accurate compliance data is gathered.

We can devise bespoke water quality monitoring strategies for both short and long-term projects and advise on water quality remedial measures where necessary.


At RiverWood Ecology Ltd. we provide comprehensive, yet accessible, water quality monitoring reports which are in-line with regulatory standardised formats.

  • Use of UKAS Accredited Laboratories.
  • Wide Experience Range.
  • In-Situ Monitoring.
  • Water Quality Sampling.
  • WFD Monitoring.